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New Hillyard Gym Aims To Keep Teenagers Active

The cost of the project is more than $150,000. It is paid for by Ziggy's, http://www.serviceatsmeal.org/tag/the-jbss/ Youth for Christ and outside donations. "So to have another gymnasium in the neighborhood with specific, loving, caring adults being available to kids to build relationships with them, we think is a huge asset for the community," said Ziegler. Youth for Christ works with more than 2,000 kids each year in two locations across Spokane. They said having resources helps them make a personal connection with each kid. "Youth Max Workouts For Christ is all about having mentoring relationships and with at-risk youth and so we want to have as many shared experiences with these youth as we possibly can," said Youth for Christ Executive Director Tom Davis. The Ziegler family has had a connection to the area since the 1930s and are always looking for opportunities to pay it forward. "If you're going to take out of the community, if you're going to make your living in the community, our whole family has prospered from the Hillyard community, you owe something back into the community," said Ziegler.
Full story: http://www.krem.com/news/local/New-gym-in-Hillyard-area-coming-soon-for-teens-to-stay-active-235162461.html

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