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Bodybuilding Bonanza

13th (when we arrived in St John's). We had to find a gym to go do cardio and saunas while trying to get to our goal weight before Friday. As we were living out of a hotel, eating good was quite the issue, although we did really good. All you can eat salad and fish every night until Saturday from East Side Mario's. We were at thegym 5:30 am every morning for a cardio and a sauna usually an hour and a workouts half then back at 1 pm for the same and back again in the evening for the same. We weighed in on Friday night to see what division we would fall in too; lightweight 136 -156 lbs middleweight 157 - 177 orlight webpage heavy 178 - 198. It was a little bit nerve wracking wondering what your weight would be.
Full story: http://www.thelabradorian.ca/Sports/2013-11-28/article-3518211/Bodybuilding-bonanza/1

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